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Important Things To Consider Before You Buy An Existing Hangar!

Picture this scenario; you are in the market for an existing hangar or hangar home. The neighbor on the left has a nice place with a hangar door from one manufacturer; the neighbor to the right has an equally nice hangar or hangar home. Which of these properties do you think has more value or resale value?

Before you make your decision on which one to buy, take the time to do your homework on the reputation and quality of the door brand on the hangar, the door can play a large role on which home has more value. The door can be the deal breaker!

- What kind of door is on the hangar structure?

- Is it a bifold door with liftstraps or cables?

- Is it a one-piece hydraulic door?

- How old is the door, are there still parts available?

- Is there a door company willing to service the existing door?

Schweiss hydraulic door fitted on building
Graphic comparison between hydraulic and bifold doors

Why Sacrifice Headroom?

Door opens to the inside of the structure. When the tilt up door is in the fully open position, one third of the door slides back into the building similar to the old style garage doors - losing valuable headroom! Tilt-up doors obstruct valuable inside space when open and utilize a cam mechanism that travels within a framework, reducing headroom space inside the building structure. This costs you valuable headroom and space you paid for, in addition to blocking interior lighting! A customer told us “The headroom loss from a tilt-up door as compared to a hydraulic door type was a deal breaker for me.”

Graphic showing Schweiss doors gain headroom compared with doors that lose headroom
Schweiss hydraulic door fitted on building shown opening

Hydraulic Door . . . Observations

  • Does the door seal tight?
  • Does the door creep open overnight?
  • Listen for high squealing noises coming
    from the pump.
  • Do the cylinders use spherical bearings?
  • Does the door have velocity fuses and
    counter-balance valves?
  • Research... If the Door is only using restrictors...
    the door is coming down if a hydraulic line breaks.
  • Is there oil leakage on the floor?
  • Do the door hinges have grease zerks?
  • Does the hydraulic system have an oil filter and
    important easy to read gauges?
  • Does the hydraulic door have a window near the control station to check if the area outside is clear before opening?
Schweiss bifold door fitted on building shown opening

Bifold Door . . . Observations

  • Does the door seal tight?
  • When operating the door verify that the door stops when you hit stop.
  • Are there safety shields on the lift drum and chain drive components?
  • Do cables need replacing because they are frayed or overwrapped?
  • Does it have a working automatic or manual latching system?
  • Is there a remote opening system on the door?

Add-ons like these add value to the
door and won't cost you more if you
decide you want them in the future.

Door Company Is No Longer In Business

There is a particular brand of hydraulic door that is no longer in business, and getting service is almost impossible. Schweiss has had calls from customers reporting they were in need of replacement parts. Others reported their hydraulic door had failures and no one was returning their phone calls when they needed repair or help with their broken door!
Identify the door you are about to purchase; it gets costly to replace a door, so find out who manufactured the door!

After the Purchase, Only To Find OUt I Own A “Lemon” Door

You thought you found the perfect hangar, only to find out after you made the purchase that the door came with the hangar is a lemon. The company who manufactured the door is no longer in business. No Technical Support . . . No Service . . . No Parts . . . No One To Go To ! ! !

Research The Company Who Manufactured The Door

  • Are they still in business?
  • How long have they been in business?
  • Call the door company and see if they can find the door you are about to purchase to verify they
    have a record on file of the door for any future parts or service!
Multiple Schweiss bifold doors fitted on a building shown opening

Brand-X Company Has Gone Bankrupt Or It's
Original Name Has Been Sold Or Acquired

In some cases when a “Brand-X” company has gone bankrupt its name has been sold or acquired through a new ownership process. But still they may not be able or willing to provide parts or service of any kind on their brand doors that are out in the field and still in use today! Service can be a real issue for hte party considering purchasing a hangar with a door that nobody is willing to service!

Have a Qualified Technician Inspect The Hangar Door

When homes are sold most states require a certified home inspection. The same quality inspection should be performed on the door; it may save you dollars down the road.

Test Operate The Door:

Does it open and close smoothly; does it lock in tight to the building? Does it have a weathertight seal to eliminate water from running into the hangar? How fast does it lift and close? Is the motor big enough for the weight of the door? What condition are the hinges in? Does it creak and groan and show frailty under strain? Does the door open all way to the top and close all the way to the bottom? From inside the hangar, can you see streaks of daylight peeking through the top, bottom and sides of the door?

Backup System:

If you experience a loss of power to the hangar, does the door have one or more backup systems in place to open or close it? Is this even an option on the door that's in place, check into it !

For Your Next Door . . .

We look forward to the opportunity to design and manufacture a custom-made bifold, hydraulic, or designer door system that is best suited for your needs. We are committed to serving our customers long after the sale.

About Us . . .

How Schweiss Doors Got Started


We're proud to offer three styles of custom-made doors that we manufacture in sizes ranging from 6' width to 140'. They are the newly designed Liftstrap Bifold door, the “One-Piece” Hydraulic door, and our architectural Designer Door lines. Schweiss Doors has been known through the years for its flexibility by establishing new trends in the door world.

Schweiss bifold door fitted on a building shown fully open
Interior view of a Schweiss bifold door shown closed
Schweiss bifold door fitted on a rocket hangar shown opening

Bifold Liftstrap Doors

The Schweiss Patented Lift-Strap design has virtually revolutionalized the bifold door industry and made us a leader in the bifold door market. It utilizes nylon web material rated for 29,000 lbs. that quietly and smoothly lifts and lowers the door. Straps are quiet, clean, faster, rust-free, durable and longer lasting than steel cables. Schweiss doors are custom-made to precisely fit your opening without loss of headroom. We can also do custom cuts to follow your roofline to gain more headroom.

Bifold door shown prior to a strap conversion done using Schweiss Doors' conversion kit
Bifold door shown after a strap conversion was done using Schweiss Doors' conversion kit

Retrofit Existing Cable Doors

For years, bifold doors all around the country have been lifted and lowered by the conventional means of steel cables. Schweiss Doors has figured out a way to convert and modernize those existing cable bifold doors manufactured by other companies with its innovative liftstraps conversion kit that has easy to follow do-it-yourself install instructions. Schweiss Doors has been happy to accommodate all these requests.

Schweiss hydraulic door installed on a barn style hangar

Hydraulic One-Piece Doors

Schweiss Doors leads the construction industry with its one-piece Hydraulic doors. Builders like the clean, yet rugged design of these sturdy, yet smooth and quiet-operating doors. What sets us apart and makes us stand out in the market is our patented robust wrap-around hinge design with grease zerks; double push tubes, spherical bearings, hydraulic windpins and heavy-duty cylinders that provide super stability. These big doors are in demand for agricultural buildings, aircraft hangars, residential designer door use and more. As one builder commented, “Hydraulic doors with the Schweiss name, it doesn't get any better!”

Schweiss Designer Hydraulic door fitted on Under Armour building shown open
Multiple Schweiss Designer bifold doors fitted on new stadium
Multiple Schweiss Designer bifold doors fitted on a storefront in New York

The Leader In The “Designer Door” World

Schweiss created a new world of interest from architects and builders throughout the country.
Our philosophy is: “You Think It, We'll Build.”

Ask any Schweiss Designer Door owner: Chances are very good that they'll say purchasing a Schweiss bifold or hydraulic door of any style was one of the best investments and smartest decisions they ever made. Schweiss door aesthetics are one factor, but what really matters is quality of construction and door longevity with reliable, efficient performance for years to come.

Schweiss glass designer doors enhance the interiors and exteriors of homes and offices; blending in so well that sometimes you have to look twice to see it's actually a door, roomd ivider or moving glass wall. There are many choices of decorative door coverings that can be clad with siding to blend in with adjacent walls. You may also want to choose from glass, metal or vinyl siding, decorative wood, translucent panels, decorative and custom windows and trim, stucco, rock face material and more to make your door one of a kind with its own unique style.

Whether it be a hydraulic or bifold style door, our outstanding long line of Designer Doors are used on homes, restaurants, stadiums, museums, RV garages and more.

Black Schweiss semi truck with a full load ready to deliver
Blue Schweiss semi truck loaded with a door frame

Schweiss Ships Globally

Doors manufactured at our facility are shipped throughout the country on semi-loads, shipping containers for overseas, or they can also be picked up directly from our factory. Our doors are easy-to-install by the owner or by our skilled installation crews. Wherever you may want doors delivered to, we can arrange for local, national and international shipments.

Schweiss door loaded on green semi truck ready for delivery
Schweiss door loaded on black semi truck ready for delivery
Schweiss door loaded on blue semi truck ready for delivery
Schweiss door loaded on a trailer ready to be attached to a semi and delivered

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